Legal Disclaimer


The codes and standards used for the design and fabrication of the equipment will be specified in the appropriate documents/reports. All the work proposed here will be carried out using standard engineering practices with major design data drawn from API/ASME/TEMA/IS codes.


The Project work carried out under this contract will employ relevant quality standards followed in this type of Industries. Wherever possible, a reference to the relevant codes/standards used in the project will be highlighted.


The project plan produced here is based on the assumption that all the Civil Work (Site preparation, Site Leveling, Area Grading, Boundary Wall, Roads, Approaches, Gate, Fence etc.) are fully completed before the erection of any equipment on site is conducted. Any delay in the civil work will cause delay of the project by the similar extent.

Similarly, the project completion is subject to delays in receipt of drawing approval, stoppage of work due to inspection clearances/inclement weather conditions/other extraneous factors and normal Force Majeure clauses, but not limited to the same.

We shall not be liable towards the client for any loss, damage or delay due to any force majeure caused beyond its control occurring from strikes, embargoes, acts of government, lockouts, fire, accidents, explosions, theft, flood, earthquake, riots, civil commotion, war, political interference, malicious acts etc. We shall not be held responsible for unforeseen delay on account of any of the above.


AIM Corporation warrants that the engineering services to be rendered are executed in accordance with the acknowledged principles of technology and in accordance with good engineering practice. Within this warranty the Aim Corporation takes over a liability to the effect that the services are properly executed and without any defect.

This liability shall be limited to the cost free execution of any such engineering services, which are required for rectifying possible defects.

Aim Corporation also guarantee that the equipment and materials procured by Aim Corporation shall be brand new incorporating the latest proven design features and that no second hand or repaired parts shall be delivered, unless some small rectification as required at site.

In case any second hand equipment requirement becomes necessary, it will only be considered on consent of the client and will be pre-agreed.

Process Warranties

Aim Corporation assures that the plant will perform in accordance with the performance data. These performance data are valid for operation within relevant tolerances.

Upon mechanical completion of the PLANT (i.e. the data on which the equipment and material have been installed at site, all pre-commissioning work has been completed and cleaned up, painting, insulation and all other necessary work has been finished in such a manner that a safe commissioning of PLANT may be carried out).

The PLANT may be started up the first time with proper feed (COMMISSIONING). All raw materials and chemicals for the trial runs will be supplied by the PLANT Owner.

As a proof of the correctness of the design and commissioning, a performance test run of 72 hours will be conducted within one month of start-up of the PLANT. The plant performance will be duly recorded and signed by both parties. The teething problems will be sorted out during the trial runs, till correct operation is achieved.