Product: Vacuum Pumps

High vacuum pumps are of oil-immersed, rotary vane type pumps. The rotor, with two spring loaded vanes, is mounted eccentric in the stator body, as the rotor, rotating the vanes, sweep the crescent shape valve which prevents back flow of air.

Manufactured from graded material, all moving parts are precisely machined, ground and assembled with close tolerances. This results in increased efficiency and long trouble free operating life.

Accessories :

1) Air admittance Valve: It is electromagnetic solenoid type which admits air into the system as soon as the power supply fails. This prevents back flow of oil to the the system.

2) Air Ballast: This a vent pipe introducing air before actual compression which eliminated condensation of the sucked vapor. There by avoiding contamination of oil.

3) Non Return Valve: It is a rubber diaphragm type spring loaded valve, which prevents back-flow of oil to the system as soon as pump stops. These cannot be used to hold the vacuum in the system for longer period.

4) Extra charge for : Moisture Trap Inlet Dust Filter Vacuum Gauge with Regulator Trolley for small Pumps Use oil: ENCLO-68 (H.P) SAE-30 or equivalent, vacuum oil. Model LM-500 I and above, are provided with water cooling jacket.


• Dehydration and filtration processes.
• Distillation
• Exhausting Electronic Tubes, GLS Lamps, Mercury vapor
• Lamps and Tubes
• Vacuum Metallurgy
• Vacuum sublimation
• Vacuum impregnation
• Thin film coating
• Refrigerator and air conditioner servicing
• Freeze drying of foods.